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Watts RP Assembly

What is Backflow?

It is a reversal of the normal flow of a liquid or gas. If not prevented, backflow can allow the introduction of contaminants to the potable water system creating a health hazard.

Why do backflow prevention assemblies need tested at least once a year?

Because they contain mechanical parts that are subject to failure, annual testing is required to ensure that they are working properly.

What responsibility does the consumer have?

The basic responsibility of the consumer is to prevent contaminants or pollutants from entering the public water system. This responsibility begins at the point of service (meter). If backflow occurs, the water consumer can be held liable for creating a nuisance. Also, the consumer could be held liable for damages due to negligence.

Where is my assembly located?

Backflow prevention assemblies are located downstream of the point of service (meter) connection.

Midwest 835 Differential Testing Gauge

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